Product Design

Helping organizations develop capabilities with our product design experience and skills.

Good design is achieved through a systematic process of researching, innovating, designing, modeling, prototyping and manufacture.

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  • Design Process

    We offer a full range of services from a product design perspective.
    Ofcource, we can tailor our service according to the level of design input your project demands.

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  • Discover

    At first we understand of the client's business model, market, brand, technorogy and user.
    In this process, we discover concept and idea which become a key part of the following step.

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  • Design

    Next we show how the final product would look by drawing, sketch and 3DCG modeling.
    By repeating proposals and verification, Design direction will be refined while increasing quality.

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  • Substantialize

    We make out elements which are necessary for mass production like detailed design, graphic element and color choice.
    And Product designer directly follow up process for mass production.

  • Capabilities

  • Concept creation
    • Conceptualisation
    • Design thinking
    • Idea work
  • Design
    • Styling
    • Color variation
    • Structural design
  • Technical assist
    • 2D drawing
    • 3DCAD development
    • Reverse modeling
  • Visualisation
    • 3DCG renderings
    • Technical drawing
    • Product animation
  • And more...
    • Prototype
    • Mass production assist

3DCG Rendering

We provide high quality 3D rendering services to meet the needs of customers.

It often happens that digital models and rendering can be more effective tool rather than making expensive prototypes or scaled models.

  • section4-レンダリング/スケッチ
  • Technical drawing and 3D product Animation

    We can create technical drawing and 3D product animation to clarify parts structure, configuration and so forth.
    We provide a demonstration for the exhibition and the presentation to appeal to more products.

  • Can be used in the pictures of catalog

    3DCG is already a leading choice as an alternative to a photo in the catalog.
    Since We can create a high-level rendering available in catalogs, In many cases, you can create a catalog with a lower cost than the photo shoot.