UIUX Design

Understanding products as the engineer and considering the user experience.

We can provide high-definition UI using by our knowhow of product design.A well-designed UI design helps to brand the product it represents.

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  • Platforms

    We’ve accumulated a wealth of experience in UI design in a wide variety of platforms, starting with iOS/Android applications, social networks, web applications and on up to touch-screen electric appliances with the focus on the user's experience and interaction.

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  • Making arrangements through all other product design and UI design.

    In recent years,operation screen including a GUI are emphasized in not only computers and industrial machines but also mobile communication devices , household appliances and software applications.
    D.Flat specializes in combined design of product and GUI and can realize smooth process of product development.
    Because the intent and process of the structure is understood by the industrial designer, UI has a sense of unity from product design and will clearly feel good stuff.

  • Responding to a variety of software environment.

    Our services include almost all the graphic design process like ui parts,icon design and button states.

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  • Capabilities

  • Concept creation
    • Conceptualisation
    • Screen transition
  • Design
    • Screen layout
    • Icon design
    • Color coodination
  • Prototyping
    • HTML sample
    • Animation mock
  • Output
    • Instruction for developers
    • Design Resource
  • And more...
    • Illustration
    • Graphic advertising
    • Development resource

Icon Design

A well-designed Icon helps to brand the product it represents.

The user interface design is very important element if you want to be superior to others in the application, software or web site.
The icon" is forecast to have a positive effect on marketing and branding.
We offer a icon design of the first water , with a finely detailed realism, bright colors and awesome figure .

  • Pixel perfect

    Recently, big-size icon like 256 px or 512 px are needed in various scenes. Our technique can utilize a high resolution icon size and increase the attraction of service.
    In addition, the polished and streamlined design icons are easily-identifiable and high-quality regardless of their size.

  • Optimized for varied device

    Device that displays an icon has diversified rapidly with the design.
    There are many situations which are appeared the icon like PC/mac, smartphone like the iPhone and Android, television ,set-top box, ATM, and more.
    Even in the same service, We believe that there is an individual best expression by the context and scenes.
    For example, in the high public product, visibility is a top priority but in PC apps, the texture will be very important.
    In addition, the iPhone application is required for differentiation and harmony with other apps.